Boot Review – Magnum Precision Ultra-Lite WPI CT

For the past several weeks I have had the opportunity to review a pair of Magnum Precision Ultra-Lite WPI CT boots. I won the boots in a contest on Outdoor Bloggers Network. As part of the contest I had to agree to test and review the boots.

My Pair of Magnum Boots. Hiking along the Saline Bayou

When I first opened the boots I was a little disappointed. The boots I received where not the same as the boots pictured in the contest. Pictured in the contest where your typical brown leather boots. The boots I got where construction worker yellow. I tried them on and began wearing them around the house. When my wife saw them she laughed and said it looked like I had potatoes on my feet. I’m sure there are many people out there who love yellow construction boots….but they are not my cup of tea. Strike one for the boots.


Magnum Boots has agreed to exchange the boots. See comments below.

On the Left is the boot pictured in the contest. On the right is the boot I actually received. Not a big deal…but disappointing none the less.

My primary purpose for these boots was for hiking. And since I hardly ever try to look my best on the trail I didn’t let the color bother me. My first opportunity to take the boots hiking was with my daughter on the Saline Bayou Hiking Trail in Louisiana. While we hiked the boots were comfortable for the most part. The composite safety toe pinched my left pinky toe a little as we walked, but I think this was more of a sizing problem then a flaw in the boot. I have not had the chance to gain any elevation in these boots and don’t know how they would perform hiking up or down hill.

Waterproof Microfiber Upper works pretty well.

 Magnum boots feature a waterproof microfiber upper. While hiking along the bayou I decided to give the waterproofing a test and intentionally stepped into the water. After standing and walking in swampy Louisiana water I never felt my feet get wet. Just to be sure I sat to take the boots off and felt my sock with my hand…the waterproof microfiber upper had done its job. Score one for the boot.
In addition to the waterproofing the boots also feature:

  • Ion-mask liquid-proof surface enhancement
  • ASTM-approved multiple impact composite safety toe
  • M-Pact contoured sockliner with memory foam
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole
  • Non-metallic hardware
  • High traction, slip-resistant outsole
  • Electrical hazard resistant

 If you haven’t figured it out by now these boots are primarily intended as a work boot. With features like the microfiber waterproofing, slip resistant outsole, and tough construction they will work good as a pair of backup hiking boots. With an MSRP of $110 I think I would prefer to buy a pair of dedicated hiking boots. Should you need a pair of dedicated work boots, however, the Magnum Precision Ultra-Lite WPI CT’s will work great.

2 thoughts on “Boot Review – Magnum Precision Ultra-Lite WPI CT”

  1. Hi, Steven-

    Thanks for posting the review — we're glad the boots worked great for you. In regards to the wheat color way, it looks like we accidentally sent you the wrong version of the boot. If you'd like, we can exchange this pair for the coffee brown. Please feel free to e-mail us at info(at)magnumbootsusa(dot)com.

    Thanks again!
    The Magnum USA Team

  2. Sound like a decent pair of boots. Agreed, they sound more like work boots than for hiking. My favorite part of testing waterproof footwear is stantding in some water!

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