Canon Digital Rebel – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Do you remember when you first heard about “digital” cameras? I have been a shutterbug for a long long time. When the photography world fist started going digital I refused to submit. I thought a digital camera would never allow me to do what I could with film. Then they created Digital SLR’s (or Single Lens Reflex) and at first they were so expensive I continued to say…not for me. But before long Canon introduced the first DSLR under $1,000. The Canon Digital Rebel priced at a cheap $999.00 won me over to the digital side. It has been my favorite piece of gear every since.

My well used Canon Digital Rebel

I reflect on my Digital Rebel as part of the Outdoor Blogger’s Network’s writing/photo prompt. OBN asks what gear do you never leave home without or if you do, you feel like you have left a good friend? I thought about all my gear weather its used on extended backpacking trips, short day hikes, or even the occasional paddle trip. On any such trip the only piece of gear I feel I can’t be without is my trusty Digital Rebel.

You might say: “a camera is not ‘outdoor’ gear.” As a photographer, however, I can’t see myself going outdoors without one. Not just any camera will do. It has to be my Rebel. This summer I have some extended backpacking trips planned and I have begun to worry that my two Rebel batteries wont last the entire trip. I am preparing to buy as many batteries as I need to keep my Rebel kicking the whole trip.

To go one step further, I feel my Rebel just isn’t the same without my Circular Polarizer. If you have never used a polarizer in your photography you don’t know what you’re missing. I primarily use mine to pop out the blues in the sky. But the polarizer can also be used to increase or decrease reflection on water. You have probably seen one of those photos with the beautiful refection in a mountain lake. A polarizer makes the reflection really stand out. And what about motion blur on a sunny waterfall? A polarizer will double as a natural density filter when you need a slow shutter speed in a pinch. For landscape photography a polarizer is my must have.

My well used Polarizer
Left: without a polarizer. Right: with a polarizer
A polarizer can really help pull a reflection out of a slow flowing creek.
Use a polarizer to help achieve a motion bluring slow shutter speed.

For several years now I have used the same camera and same old polarizer. I know I can count on them whenever the need arises. From now until they brake I cannot see myself venturing out without them. But what about you? What can you simply not do without?

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7 thoughts on “Canon Digital Rebel – Don’t Leave Home Without It!”

  1. I do not got out on the trail without my Olympus 8010 which is a waterproof and shockproof digital camera riding in a pocket hanging from my pack strap. Not the quality of the Rebel but useful.

  2. I'm with you on the Cannon Rebel; I don't leave home without mine! I've been buying my batteries online from B&H photography, good prices and service.

  3. Started out with a cannon rebel film camera and my first digital was a Rebel as well. Just got a new T2i. I try to not leave home without it but my wife won't let me bring it out fishing so I use a cheap point and shoot. hoping to move up to a waterproof olympus soon.

  4. Good post Steve. I think I'm using the Rebel equivalent over here which is the Canon 550D. Since I drowned a Canon 7D it will be the main camera! I also carry a compact camera which I find works well whilst walking as a bit of a back-up. Have you done that before? Back-up in case your main camera gets trashed?

  5. Greg,

    I always bring a backup battery, backup memory cards, and occasionally a backup point and shoot. But sometimes I forget.


    I take my Rebel kayaking all the time…I keep it in a seal-line dry bag when I'm not taking pictures and make sure I always have the strap around my neck when I have it out of the bag.

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