Could the National Park System be Shut Down?

More Park Closures?

Federal lawmakers are working right now to finalize the 2011 budget, but they are running out of time. Billions are at stake and there is a serious risk the House and Senate will not come to an agreement in time. If this happens the government will be forced to shut down and non-essential services would go first, including all national parks

What happens when big government is forced to cut spending? According to U.S. Congressman Mike Conaway: “Peoples lives get disrupted.” Like employees who rely on business brought in by National Parks.

The timing couldn’t be worse; March April and May are Big Bend’s busy time of year. March alone makes up for almost 60% of Texas’ Brewster County tourism business. (The County Big Bend National Park resides in). I currently have plans to visit the park in the next few weeks along with countless others making plans for spring break. I am now being forced to make alternate plans just in case I show up and the park is closed.

What about you? Do you have plans to visit a national park this spring break? How would this effect your plans?

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6 thoughts on “Could the National Park System be Shut Down?”

  1. If you remember the last two closures of national park units in the 1990's, it was devastating to communities that count on those tourism dollars. Grand Canyon was shut for 21 days. At one point the Arizona governor sponsored opening it because the closure ruined the local economies. Of course the park rangers loved it because they got paid vacations out of it but the locals were hurt badly.

  2. this would be the most horrible thing in the world. i PRAY this never happens. the Smokies are my backyard. i am going home to visit in April and this would RUIN it.

  3. I sure hope this doesn't happen. Our national parks are such beautiful treasures. There's so little out there to enjoy these days so this would be a huge mistake.

  4. this would be such a travesty! so many people have fought to keep the parks beautiful and clean and have pushed for a healthier america. This would be destroying all of that work.

  5. Never gonna happen. A CR (continuing resolution) deal has already been made for the next few weeks with another for the rest of year due by mid March. The 2012 budget is another matter altogether and there may be cuts to the National Parks but it's highly unlikely that any park bordering Mexico would be closed due to security reasons. If you're concerned give your US Representative or Senator a call. You'd be amazed at what direct feedback to our lawmakers can accomplish, especially here in Texas.

  6. Living in Montreal (Canada), I was planning to go to Oregon and Washington state this summer for national parks (Rainier, Caves, Olympic…), but due to this looming shutdown, I will have to cancel my plan and I will spend my money in another country. I am not willing to risk 2k$ of airplane ticket and 3 weeks of hotel reservation(3k$) + food (1k$), and do nothing there because of this shutdown. We loved our first trip in Utah… A lot of travellers will cancel their plan and even if an agreement is reached, the harm will be done for your industry.

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