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Davis Mountians State Park Closed Until May 1st.

Davis Mountains State Park and Indian Lodge are closed until May 1st. The fire is no longer a threat to the Park, but…the Park will remain closed as fire crews continue to use the facilities as a staging area.

Photo take from Texas Mountain Trail Daily Photo. (Photo by Mike Micallef )

According to Linda Hedges of TPWD:

“Davis Mountains State Park and Indian Lodge are not taking reservations until May 1 and have cancelled all existing reservations through that date. Will probably be open before then, but as of now the park is a major staging area for the remaining fire crews and it’s not yet known when they will be pulling out. In the meantime, the park is closed to all visitation. DPS and Border Patrol are stationed at the gate and not letting the public through. Several folks have wanted to access Skyline Drive for a vista of the burned area but that’s not possible just yet.” (via Texas Mountain Trail Daily Photo).

Most of the remainder of Fort Davis is open and returning to normal. I spoke to Chris Pipes at TNC’s Davis Mountian Preserve who told me the preserve was not effected by the fire. If you live near Fort Davis and are looking for short weekend trip, I’m sure the folks in Fort Davis could use your buisness. Continue to pray for those who have lost their homes.
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