Fire Destroys Parts of Davis Mountains State Park in Texas

Fires continue to burn all across Texas. Some agencies are reporting more than 400 square miles of Texas and more then 100 homes and structures have been burned by Texas wildfires. One of the largest fires in the state began encroaching into Davis Mountains State Park. 200 campers and Indian Lodge guests where evacutated before fire raced over the ridge from Fort Davis and into the 2,700-acre park. With all the comotion and confusion some campers left behind tents and other belongings. The Park has estimated 700 acres were burned with dozens of spots still smoldering up and down the mountainsides. A historical restroom with stone walls and a wood-shingled roof was damaged, and the park lost its radio system.

Smoke covers the sky in Jeff Davis County

 As of Monday morning (April 11) firefighters had none of the fire contained as it neared the center of Fort Davis. When city Fire Hydrants began running dry firefighters began using dirt to try and contain the fire. Heavy drought and high winds are making matters worse. Fort Davis and the Davis Mountains are one of Texas’ crown jewels. Historic Fort Davis is a rare mountain community in an state that is mostly flat. The State park and Indian Lodge are one of my favorite parks. 

The El Paso chapter of the American Red Cross has sent disaster services volunteers to help shelters with the fire burning in Fort Davis. Officials have estimated a need of at least $30,000 to help hundreds of families who have been affected by the Texas wildfires. Click here to donate to The El Paso chapter of the American Red Cross. McDonald observatory, Fort Davis Hotels, and other agencies have been offering free accommodations to those in need.

Another 16,000-acre blaze burned as many as 40 homes and other buildings about 20 miles from where I live in Midland County. If Texas doesn’t get rain soon things will only get worse. Please pray for families who have lost homes or belongings due to Texas wildfires. 

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  1. In regards to your comment "rare mountain community in an state that is mostly flat" – Have you ever seen a topo map of Texas? As a Texas Native, I wanted to let you know that Texas is one of the most topographically diverse States. There are 10 independent mountain ranges in the Trans-Pecos region ranging up to 8751 ft. The limestone-rich Edwards Plateau region of Texas ranges from 980-2400 feet, taking up a large part of the State. East Texas and South-Central Texas is abundant with massive rolling hills. Then in the South and North you have desert valleys and canyons. I would say the coast is pretty flat, though!

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