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Davis Mountains Wildfire Update – April 12, 2011

Fires continue to rage north of Fort Davis. It is reported 108,000 acres have been burned between Marfa and Fort Davis. At this time only 10% of the fire is contained. Davis Mountains State Park is closed and is being used as a base camp for hundreds of firefighters.

This NASA satellite image of the Fort Davis Fire was taken April 10th

Texas Mountain Trail Daily Photo has reported the following Tourist attractions and historic structures have survived the fire.

  • Hotel Limpia
  • Jeff Davis County Courthouse, in the center of town
  • Fort Davis National Historic Site
  • Indian Lodge
  • McDonald Observatory
  • Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center and Botanical Gardens
  • Historic structures like the Old Jail
  • Davis Mountains Lodge and Expeditions (formerly Davis Mountains Education Center)
  • The entire downtown area, including the Stone Village Market

I am reading conflicting reports on what has been damaged. The most recent news states 23 homes and 2 businesses have been destroyed. Davis Mountains State Park does not seem to have lost any structures. I am still unsure as to weather or not the historic restroom was destroyed. With no major imporvements affected The fire will more then likely help the parks ecosystem.

There are more ways to help. Number one is stay home and don’t try and visit the area at this time. Allow the firefighters and relief volunteers room to do their job. If you want to help severl relief funds have been set up.

Individuals wanting to assist those devastated by the wildfires may send donations to the Permian Basin Area Foundation Emergency Relief Fund and to the Jeff Davis County Relief Fund.

Permian Basin Area Foundation Emergency Relief Fund
200 N. Loraine, Suite 500
Midland, TX 79701

Jeff Davis County Relief Fund
c/o Permian Basin Area Foundation
200 N. Loraine, Suite 500
Midland, TX 79701

Guy McCrary, CEO of Permian Basin Area Foundation, said, “The Foundation maintains the PBAF Emergency Relief Fund that allows emergency grants to be made to agencies that are equipped to manage critical relief services. This ensures that the monies are used in a manner that best meets the needs of those affected.”

ALSO via Fort Davis State Bank
Jeff Davis County Relief Fund
P.O. Box 1809
Fort Davis TX 79734
Account #321028 (needs to be included)

Plans are also underway for a benefit concert in the region. Continue to pray for families affected by the Fires.

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