Week in Review – May 21, 2011

I’m doing my Week in Review post a day early this week because I will be announcing the winners of the CLIF BAR giveaway tomorrow. If you haven’t entered yet you still have time. The giveaway will close tonight at midnight eastern time. Go to the giveaway post to enter.

Otherwise…here are some blogs that caught my attention this week:

Lauralee shares some tips for healing sprained ankles.

Tom gives us some point and shoot photography tips.

Atom shares some stunning photos of Yosemite‘ from his trip there last September. This is my recommended read.

Atom’s view of Yosemite valley from Glacier Point

Chris camps on an island in San Francisco Bay

Philip talks to us about eliminating extra cloths you don’t use on backpacking trips. This is something I have slowly begun to learn

Dobbs hikes up The Mexican Canyon Trestle Trail and introduces me to the new Enchanted trial I’m going to have to try once the Lincoln NF opens back up.

Brian and Ashley head off around the San Juan Loop

I share my thoughts on SPOT GPS Messengers and Owner Responsibility

Dave shares his thoughts on ultra long distance day hiking (30 and 40 miles in one day.) I don’t know that I will be trying that anytime soon.

And Last but not least…my daughter drew this lovely picture of all the places we will be going this summer.

If you look closely you will see Canada, Idaho, Montana, Louisiana, Wyoming, and more.

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4 thoughts on “Week in Review – May 21, 2011”

  1. Great blog you have here my friend! I just started a Bushcraft/outdoors blog and have been checking people out. I look forward to more in the future.

  2. Thanks for the link and hopefully we will get some rain over here soon so the Lincoln National Forest will open up again. Tomorrow we will break the record for most consecutive days without rain here in El Paso which is 109.

    Also Yosemite is an absolutely awesome place to visit. I enjoyed my visit to the park and never get tired of viewing pictures of the place. The only down side to Yosemite is the incredible crowds that swamp the place during the summer.

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