The Hiker’s Choice Award – Top Outdoor Blogs

Last week you all had the opportunity to vote on your favorite outdoor blog. We started out with your nominations of the best outdoor blogs. We had 50 top notch outdoor blogs nominated for your votes. Your response was amazing and now, one week later, we have the Top Ten Outdoor Blogs. Or what I would like to call. The Hiker’s Choice Award – Top Outdoor Blogs.

According to your votes the top outdoor blogs in 2001 are:

Number One: Hiking Fiasco

Number Two: Smokey Mountain Hiking Blog

Number Three: Hiking in Finland

Number Four: Scandinavian Hiking

Number Five: Diary of a Day Hiker

Number Six: Meanderthals

Number Seven: Appalachia And Beyond

Number Eight: Bedrock & Paradox

Number Nine: The Gear Caster

Number Ten: Hiking The Trail

So there are your top 10 Hiker’s Choice Outdoor Blogs. It is important to note Appalacia and Beyond and Bedrock& Paradox both tied for seventh place. And The Gear Caster and Hiking The Trail both tied for ninth. In the case of a tie they are listed alphabetically above.

Congratulations to our winners. If you are interested I have included  a small badge our winners are welcome to place on their blogs and let their readers know they won.  Anyone who clicks on the image will be brought back to this post to see your official Hiker’s Choice Rank. If any blog chooses not to put the badge on their blogs I won’t be offended.

Copy and Paste the text in the box below.

The badge will appear like the image below:

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14 thoughts on “The Hiker’s Choice Award – Top Outdoor Blogs”

  1. Congratulations to everyone listed! Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and of course thank you very much to My Life Outdoors for organizing the whole thing! 🙂

  2. Congrats to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who voted. Also I would like to thank the folks of My Life Outdoors for putting all of this together you rock.

  3. Thanks Steven for running this! I had a bit of fun with it like I'm sure others did as well! I've stuck the big footprint on my blog in appreciation. How did I win? I've no idea, but there must be some loyal readers out there and I thank you! Now I've got some pressure to actually keep writing stuff that's interesting. Mm…

  4. I am worried about my West Texas outdoorsman. I hope you are well and just happen to be e enjoying the great outdoors. We miss you.

  5. I'm still here…I have just been incredibly swamped at work for a while. I think things are slowing down for me, however, and hope to get a blog post up this week. I have tons to write about…just no time to write. Thank you for your concern.

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