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September 2011

Last week you all had the opportunity to vote on your favorite outdoor blog. We started out with your nominations of the best outdoor blogs. We had 50 top notch outdoor blogs nominated for your votes. Your response was amazing and now, one week later, we have the Top Ten Outdoor Blogs. Or what I would like to call. The Hiker's Choice Award - Top Outdoor Blogs.According to your votes the top outdoor blogs in 2001 are:Number One: Hiking FiascoNumber

Last week I asked everyone to submit their Must Read Outdoor Blog list. Well I had a great response and had 50 top rate outdoor blogs submitted. Today I want to give you the chance to vote for the very best. I am calling this the Peoples Choice Top Outdoor Blog.Below you will find a ballot where you can select ONLY ONE blog to vote for. (I debated whether I would allow multiple votes and in the end thought multiple

All of the following links are from blogs that submitted in my Top Outdoor Blogs post last monday. If you would like to submit your own selections for Top Outdoor Blogs please go here. You have until tomorrow night to submit blogs for the top outdoor blogs. On Tuesday I will have a poll to see which ones are the best in the eyes of you

This is day four and five of our five day backpacking trip through Glacier National Park. Click here to read days One, Two and Three. I’m sitting around the campfire at the Upper Bowman backcountry campsite. We have spent all day hiking over Brown pass. We are cold, wet, and exhausted. But we are not alone. A group of kayakers have paddled in seven miles from the other end of Lake Bowman. We talk over the campfire and before long consider

Here are some posts that grabbed my attention this week:Susan has some amazing pictures from her Girls Camping Weekend in AlaskaSusan's view along Richardson Hwy in AlaskaSonja continues to show us stunning views from Brazil.Izzy shows off his Survival Carabiner kit.GetOutdoors educates on the benefits of vertical baffles.Brad Parker has a great piece on Texas Drought and educating youth on conservationZSandman reviews some Vibram FiveFingers

Another round of Texas wildfires have sparked up over the last couple of weeks. It seems the continued drought and high winds have caused some devastating results. According to the Texas Forest Service Firefightters have responded to over 305 different wildfires in the last seven days. Among those fires nearly 700 homes have been destroyed in past 48 hours. (Update @10:30 am 9/8/11: Bastrop Fire has destroyed 1,400 homes) All but Three of the 254 Texas Counties are under burn

The Clymb is currently having a sale on Nemo Tents. I saw a Nemo tent in person for the first time recently in Glacier. I must admit I am impressed with the quality. Wish I had the extra money to spend on one at the Clymb today. Looks like these tents are selling for up to 60% off with a little less then two days left on the sale. If your interested you should go check it out for yourself.I