Week In Review – September 18, 2011

All of the following links are from blogs that submitted in my Top Outdoor Blogs post last monday. If you would like to submit your own selections for Top Outdoor Blogs please go here. You have until tomorrow night to submit blogs for the top outdoor blogs. On Tuesday I will have a poll to see which ones are the best in the eyes of you… my readers.

Coincidentally Tom also wrote about his Top 10 Hiking and Camping Blogs.

Brian has an interesting post about packing out your own poop.

Chris goes hiking in the Great Gulf Wilderness

Chris’s view as he hikes down to the Madison Springs Hut

Tom anticipates the release of his new book: Following Atticus.

Happy Hiker Hikes (Say that 3 times fast) into the Dry River Wilderness Legally.

I posted my final installment of my 5 day backpack through Glacier National Park.

Philip gives us a preview of the Easton Mountain Product’s New Kilo 2P Lightweight Tent

Adam, Bill, and David are testing Wool vs. Synthetic Socks. This should be interesting.

Tim and Robin have 300 friends on facebook. So they are giving away a hammock

That isn’t all of them…but its a pretty good representation. Check back Tuesday for your chance to vote on your favorite.

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