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February 2012

The second highest peak in Texas. I wasn’t sure if my 10 year old was ready for such a strenuous overnight trip. She has done well on some pretty difficult day hikes, but never with this much wight on her back. My 10 year old Daughter high on the Tejas Trail - Guadalupe Mountains National ParkMy wife was out of town for the weekend leaving me and my oldest home alone. I knew we could spend the weekend watching TV

Are blog reviews worth anything? This is a question that I have been kicking around since publishing a couple of posts on Negative Gear Reviews. In my first post, we asked: When is it appropriate to post a negative gear review? Rand Lindsay (Co-Founder of Trail Designs and the Caldera Cone alcohol stove) added some comments that got me thinking in different ways. We asked if there is really such a thing as Negative Gear Review? And many of you