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My Life Outdoors

Hiking Blog Directory – Vote for MyLifeOutdoors!

MyLifeOutdoors may not be the greatest outdoor blog you have ever read, but there is a reason you keep coming back post after post. We try to provide compelling trip reports, useful information, and unbiased gear reviews. We try to create community with the readers, and share our experiences with anyone who will listen. We do it, because we love the outdoors. Our audience is always growing. We find new friends on facebook and twitter, and occasionally meet people who stumble here by mistake. We are always looking for new ways to meet new people and help our audience grow.

This week we stumbled onto Philip Werner’s Hiking-Blogs Directory. Phillip has created a wonderful directory that lists and keeps track of 100’s of hiking blogs. As part of his directory he has added a voting system to allow readers to rank their favorite blogs. As a blog’s rank goes up, there are more chances of someone seeing that blog. Someone who might not have seen it otherwise. This where you come in…

If you like MylifeOutdoors and would like to see us continue to write compelling posts…help us out by going over to Hiking-Blogs and voting for us. Is there another blog you like better than MyLifeOutdoors? Us too…and thats no problem. There is no limit on how many blogs you can vote for. So go vote for MyLifeOutdoors and then go find your over favorite blogs and vote for them too. The more votes we get the more visible MyLifeOutdoors becomes to new readers. The more readers we have, the more time I am willing to spend creating great and compelling content.

Thank you for making MyLifeOutdoors a reality. Keep coming back, and tell your friends.

You can go and vote here: http://www.hiking-blogs.net/blogs/mylifeoutdoors/

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