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September 2012

I think its time to leave feedburner. They have been good to me so far. But the thought of losing my RSS subscribers due to apathy on feedbruner’s part worries me too much.Is feedburner going away? Who really knows? The reality is they abandoned their twitter and blog long ago and recently shut them down do to lack of content. This has several people worried feedburner itself is shutting down. Who is to say? What these actions communicate to me

This is the one of several posts contributed by my wife. We hope for this to become a regular segment on MyLifeOutdoors. A valuable resource to women (and their husbands) who love the outdoors (or who, at least, wish to love the outdoors). This is My Wife Outdoors.Our youngest daughter is almost three years old and we have recently begun training her to hike on her own. We know it will be years before we can go on a hike

MyLifeOutdoors may not be the greatest outdoor blog you have ever read, but there is a reason you keep coming back post after post. We try to provide compelling trip reports, useful information, and unbiased gear reviews. We try to create community with the readers, and share our experiences with anyone who will listen. We do it, because we love the outdoors. Our audience is always growing. We find new friends on facebook and twitter, and occasionally meet people who stumble

Three alpine lakes in four days. Thats all anyone had to say to convince me to spend a week in New Mexico’s Pecos Wilderness. We had been planning a guys trip since January. Our goal was to hit Johnson’s lake, swing down to Stewart Lake, and finish it off with the Grand Finale: Lake Katharine and 13,600 foot Santa Fe Baldy.Johnsons Lake - Pecos Wilderness, NMPecos WildernessWe made the eight hour drive from Midland to Pecos NM, on Sunday July