$500 to Summit a Mountain of Your Choice – From Post Grape Nuts Cereal

I wanted to put out a quick post about a wonderful opportunity from Post Grape Nuts. Grape Nuts is celebrating the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary’s historic summit of Mount Everest. Apparently Sir Edmund Hillary took grape nuts along with him to the summit 60 years ago. To commemorate the anniversary, Grape Nuts is looking for a few good outdoor types to summit a local peak (of your choice) and take some new Grape Nuts Fit Cereal samples with you. If you apply (and are selected) Grape Nuts will send you a free High Sierra daypack, a summit flag, and some sample cereal, bowls and spoons to hand out on the summit. If you take a picture of your trip and send it back to Grape Nuts, they will give you $500 cash. Not a bad deal.

I applied to be a Summit Sampler myself. This is how it works. You have until April 19th to apply to be a Summit Sampler. If selected you get the gear and summit the mountain indicated in your application on or around May 29th (the actual anniversary of Hillary’s Everest Summit). Take a picture of your trip, and you get $500 cash. Follow the link here to apply, I hope to see you on the summit with some Grape Nuts in hand.

7 thoughts on “$500 to Summit a Mountain of Your Choice – From Post Grape Nuts Cereal”

  1. Holy cow, I'm excited about this! I've already recruited my little brother to be my Sherpa (and token Grape Nuts-eater, since they're yukky. HA! Kidding!). Thanks so much for the heads-up.

    Great blog. I, too, moved to a "wilderness state" I wanted to be in, Colorado, but ended up in a much more desert-y area than I planned. Have learned to love it, though. 🙂

  2. I find it hard to believe myself. But its true. $500 to hike. (That sentence Sounds like spam. lol.) I still want to be in Colorado, As soon as I can find some one to pay me what I make now. Ill move. Hopefully you have access to some nearby hiking and backpacking wherever you live in the desert.

  3. I got selected! Can't thank you enough for the heads up. We are going to do Santa Fe Baldy (my wife and I) for my summit. We originally planned to do it in late March, but didn't account for late season snow (DOH!). We re-routed and ended up with a great four day trip in the White Mountain Wilderness of Lincoln NF. Your pics and trip reports have helped a lot. Thanks again!

  4. Awesome. I was also selected. Have you checked conditions on Santa Fe Baldy? There may still be some snow. My wife and I are headed up to the Pecos next week. We are hoping the snow is mostly gone. I'd love to hear about your trip to the LNF. Would you consider guest posting?

  5. I am calling the ranger station to get an update up there this week on snow conditions. And absolutely I'd consider a guest post! I haven't been blogging consistently, but you can get a gist for my style of writing at http://mobylives.us. I also have some pics posted on my facebook account of the trip. Name is Michael Moilanen.

  6. Hey Steven,

    Wanted to thank you again for this post you wrote, which was how I found out about the promotion. Sounds like you helped Grape Nuts PR round up a few "Summit Samplers"!

    I did get selected, too (was really glad to hear you did!), and completed my Western Colorado climb of Mt. Garfield yesterday with my brother. Really fun experience – ours was short, but challenging… 2000' gain in 2 miles. Expecting GN to put together something with all the summit pix – will be cool seeing everyone's climb.

  7. I was also a 'summit sampler' in CA and am dying to see pics and hear what everyone else did! We should all bug our pr person haha. Such a great opportunity for all of us to do what we love!!!

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