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March 2015

On our second Day (click here for day one) in California we woke up absurdly early to head to Yosemite from San Francisco. We were so ready to get out of the city and experience the part of California that had called us onto this adventure. We drove about six hours from the city to our campsite. Along the drive, while we were enjoying an amazing first view of the iconic granite monoliths, we were trying to make final plans

One of the best pieces of rain gear I have ever owned are the Montane Astro Ascent pants with Event. Most rain gear I have used leaves you more wet from your own sweat than you would be if you just faced the rain. Montane’s event pants are the only rain gear I have ever owned that made me think, “this is what breathable fabric must feel like.” Unwilling to fork out $300+ dollars I have never found a jacket