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March 2013

I live in the middle of a flat, dry dessert. There isn’t much in the way of outdoor recreation. At least not locally. Not even a good bike trail. Being active outside is a challenge for my family. So I recently started looking for ways my family and I could spend some quality time together without diving several hours to be outdoors. My solution? Slacklining.Slacklining in Midland Texas. Any trek fans out there?Slacklining has appealed to me for sometime. It

This is one of several posts contributed by my wife. We hope for this to become a regular segment on MyLifeOutdoors. A valuable resource to women (and their husbands) who love the outdoors (or who, at least, wish to love the outdoors). This is My Wife Outdoors. Several months ago I was visiting Monahans Sandhills State Park when I picked up A Texas State Parks State Park Guide. I had rode with some friends to the park and on the way

Have you ever found a blog you really love only to discover its dead or inactive? I used to hate that! For many of my readers, you have probably begun to wonder the same thing about MyLifeOutdoors. Looking over the blog, my last post was back at the end of november. Its been 3 months since my last post, which is way too long.Upcoming Report for Garner State ParkNot that you need to hear the excuses, but work, life, family,