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By far, the heaviest things you carry into the backcountry are your tent, backpack, and sleep system. Depending on your setup, these Big 3 pieces of gear could weigh a combined 10 to 15 pounds on their own.  But what if you're tired of carrying all that weight and have decided you want to go ultralight or even just shed a few pounds off your pack? This is the list for you.  I have not just one, but three setups that will

As light as a feather. There is a reason that phrase exits. Because no other material, not even space-age technology from NASA, is as warm, light and compressible as down.  Down is backpacking’s miracle insulation.   But down has one major flaw. When it gets wet, it looses all its magical properties. It can’t insulate, it gets really heavy, and can even be deadly.  And that one fatal flaw is the reason why I spend so much time, effort, and worry trying to

A few years ago, I was on a backpacking trip with my daughter and a few of her friends. She woke me up in the middle of the night shivering uncontrollably, slightly hypothermic, looking for help. And in my half-asleep, been-hiking-all-day, tired stupor, I said, "Did you try taking off a few layers?" Because I believed the myth that you sleep warmer naked. *face palm* Today we're going to talk about five myths you just thought were true about backpacking. Keep scrolling to read,

The lightest, fully enclosed backpacking tent in existence.  13.7 ounces of pure ultralight bliss.  But is it too good to be true? Let’s take a look at the brand new for 2022 Zpacks Plex Solo.  Brand Spanking New This tent very well may be the lightest, fully enclosed tent on the market.  This thing is so new. It was released only three ago. For instance look at this picture: This is the build date for this tent. Today is February 10, 2022, and this tent was

Freestanding ultralight tents are my favorite. So when I found out MSR redesigned the Freelite 2 to be eight ounces lighter—coming in closer to two pounds—well, I had to check it out.  And I realized, this tent feels a whole lot like another two-pound tent I’ve used for years: the Nemo Hornet elite. Plus, MSR claims their new Freelite is … “More Spacious Than the Nemo Hornet” Which was just begging for a comparison.  So this is the new MSR Freelite 2 vs. the