Trampas Lakes – Pecos Wilderness – Carson National Forest, NM

The Trampas Lakes are said to be two of the prettiest lakes in NM.

The perfect place to spend a couple nights and maybe bag a Summit or two.

After a long summer with little opportunity to hike….I was looking forward to getting out into the wilderness. So I planned a somewhat ambitious hike that would hit 4 alpine lakes and 2 summits in 3 days. I packed lighter than usual expecting some big elevation gain and headed off to the Pecos Wilderness of the Carson National Forest. What I didn’t know is this hike would be plagued with issues before it even started.

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TripTarp Review – Backpacking Trip Planning Tool and Lightweight Tarp

When planning a backpacking trip, how do you make sure you have everything you need? Most backpackers rely on checklists. Weather it’s on paper, from memory, or printed on a tarp. Which is the case with TripTarp: a new Multipurpse backpacking planning tool I recently had the pleasure to review.

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