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A few years ago, I was on a backpacking trip with my daughter and a few of her friends. She woke me up in the middle of the night shivering uncontrollably, slightly hypothermic, looking for help. And in my half-asleep, been-hiking-all-day, tired stupor, I said, "Did you try taking off a few layers?" Because I believed the myth that you sleep warmer naked. *face palm* Today we're going to talk about five myths you just thought were true about backpacking. Keep scrolling to read,

The lightest, fully enclosed backpacking tent in existence.  13.7 ounces of pure ultralight bliss.  But is it too good to be true? Let’s take a look at the brand new for 2022 Zpacks Plex Solo.  Brand Spanking New This tent very well may be the lightest, fully enclosed tent on the market.  This thing is so new. It was released only three ago. For instance look at this picture: This is the build date for this tent. Today is February 10, 2022, and this tent was

Freestanding ultralight tents are my favorite. So when I found out MSR redesigned the Freelite 2 to be eight ounces lighter—coming in closer to two pounds—well, I had to check it out.  And I realized, this tent feels a whole lot like another two-pound tent I’ve used for years: the Nemo Hornet elite. Plus, MSR claims their new Freelite is … “More Spacious Than the Nemo Hornet” Which was just begging for a comparison.  So this is the new MSR Freelite 2 vs. the

What is the Holy Grail of water filters? I can only imagine from the name that Grayl wants to hold that title. But is it really the best? Or is it a huge failure? So you can choose wisely Here are the Grayl Geopress pros and cons.  Oh, be sure to check out this video where I see if Grayl can filter out Coke?  https://youtu.be/tpd0tHdZGCw Okay I’m going to start with the cons and just a short disclaimer. Since this is a

There are some experiences in life that stand out among the rest. experiences that before they are even over you can tell, there is something special about it. Something that will stick with you for years to come. For me, backpacking the Grand Canyon was one of those experiences.  https://youtu.be/2k4yHIotL8A I have visited the Grand Canyon at least a half dozen times. North rim, south rim, day hikes, even spending the night on remote points along the rim. But nothing prepared me

The Matilija Wilderness in Southern California is indeed a wild place. I recently did a 2 night backpacking tip of the North Fork Matilija Creek Trail in the Matilija Wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest. I wasn’t looking to do a lot of miles on this trip and even what I intended to do was cut short due to how difficult the trail is to follow.

Texas is nearly devoid of public land. No public land means backpacking opportunities are scarce in the Lone Star State. Even though Texas has multiple State Parks, most are no more than a few square miles in total size. At any given State Park you could hike the entire trail system in a day leaving no real opportunity for backpacking. Luckily we have two National Parks in the Western mountains (yes Texas has mountains) and a small group of National

“Be careful up ahead! I fell in on the floating bog bridges.” What did that guy just say? The FLOATING bog bridges? As we would soon find out first hand the trail between Feldspar Lean-to and Lake Arnold is prone to flooding. Scratch that…has become a permanent 5-10 foot deep swamp. Some years ago ADK trail crews attempted to build bog bridges to get hikers across. But as water continued to rise the bridges have started floating and disintegrating.