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They call it backpacking for a reason! Your backpack is probably the single most important piece of gear in your loadout. Because without a backpack, you're just camping, right?  But there are thousands of backpacks on the market to choose from: large, small, traditional, ultralight, full-featured, minimalist

Do you remember that movie, Twins, from the 80s staring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito? The two were twins born as part of a genetic experiment, but separated at birth.  That’s what I think about when I think of ultralight versus traditional backpacking; these two things that are very closely related but drastically different. So, let's talk about the pros and cons of both, but we'll look at it primarily through the lens of ultralight backpacking.  And I feel like I need to

“Be careful up ahead! I fell in on the floating bog bridges.” What did that guy just say? The FLOATING bog bridges? As we would soon find out first hand the trail between Feldspar Lean-to and Lake Arnold is prone to flooding. Scratch that…has become a permanent 5-10 foot deep swamp. Some years ago ADK trail crews attempted to build bog bridges to get hikers across. But as water continued to rise the bridges have started floating and disintegrating.

This is part three of our 4 day hike in the Pecos Wilderness - New Mexico. Read Part One - Hiking to Lake Johnson. and Part Two - Lake Katharine.What is it about water we find so amazing. We are drawn to it in nature in all its forms. Low lying fog, sun shining through morning dew, a mountain stream or an alpine lake. No matter what form it takes, water fascinates us. An amazing view is made that much more amazing

I’m sitting in the middle of Downtown Denver on the corner of two busy streets. The teenagers with me are taking turns panhandling. This is part of an experiment called Urban Plunge. You see we wanted the teens to know what its like to beg for their food, their money, and their livelihood. But begging for money is illegal in Denver. So instead we are begging for smiles. Our assignment was to create a sign that said “Can you spare

This is day four and five of our five day backpacking trip through Glacier National Park. Click here to read days One, Two and Three. I’m sitting around the campfire at the Upper Bowman backcountry campsite. We have spent all day hiking over Brown pass. We are cold, wet, and exhausted. But we are not alone. A group of kayakers have paddled in seven miles from the other end of Lake Bowman. We talk over the campfire and before long consider